PINOCCHIO is Variety Plus' third annual Family Musical, written and directed by Robert Gribas, with music and choreography by Angela Rinaldi-Gribas. The show features over 60 talented adults, teens and children from the Seattle area. Based on the book by Carlo Collodi, PINOCCHIO is filled with song, dance and magic for all ages to enjoy. When Geppetto carves a puppet out of wood from the the enchanted forest, his dream of having a son of his own begins to come true. But it isn't long before Pinocchio falls in with the wrong crowd; a coniving Fox and Cat, a gang of young ruffians and the "Vermin Brothers." Pinocchio finds that lying and rebelling not only makes his nose grow, but leads him into more and more trouble. The kind fairy, Azure, and her friends try their best to advise him, and help him to understand that hard work, sacrifice and love is what is takes to be a "Real Boy." Original songs, all sorts of characters from animals to puppets to a living forest, creative costumes and over 70 masks make this production a must see for the whole family. Reservations are encouraged so call 368-8368 to save a seat for the premier of PINOCCHIO.

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