You can download m3uMaker for free from the CD Czar support site (click on Files there).  The purpose of this utility is to create a Winamp m3u style playlist of your music video clips to then import into your CD Czar Music Collection Manager.  This will allow you to integrate your downloaded music videos with the rest of your music on CDs, mp3 files etc.  This utility is for Importing video files only, to create a playlist to import audio files (such as mp3) into CD Czar  use the freeware Winamp instead .

Click here to see how to download video clips to your hard drive

When you bring up mp3Maker, the first thing to do is click on the button to select the video files to use to create the playlist .  You can then perform the following actions with clips you check before clicking the Save Playlist button:
You can also Add more clips from the same OR DIFFERENT directory (starting with Version 2.3).

You will be given the option of changing the file name of each clip to correspond to any changes you or the program made to the playlist entry.

After you Save the Playlist, bring up CD Czar and click Add Other and then Import to use the playlist you created to integrate the downloaded music videos into your CD Czar Music Collection.