If the Report Writer gives you an error message when the Report is more than 1 page long, your temp environment variable may be too long (32 characters is the limit for the third-party Report Writer engine that is used).
Luckily, this is easy to fix.
1. Create a new directory that has a short path.  Here's one way to do so:  Bring up Windows Explorer and in the left hand panel click on the drive for the new temp folder to ensure that it is created in that drive's root directory.  Now right-click in an empty space on the right hand panel and select New|Folder and enter a name, such as temp.

2. Edit the TEMP environment variable to reflect this new path:
  A.  Right-click the My Computer desktop icon, then click Properties.
  B.  Click the Advanced tab.
  C.  Click Environment variables.
  D.  Click on TEMP, then click Edit to change to the new, short path (e.g. c:\temp).
  E.  Click on TMP environment variable also and change it to the same as in D above.
  F.  Click Apply and Save to make these changes permanent.
  G.  That's it!  The next time you run the program your report should go smoothly.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but the Report Writer engine is a third party product for which we cannot get the source code.