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Using Brooklyn's Review and Printout Option

When you click on the Review/Printout Button, this will appear at the top of the new page:

On the actual screen, an explanation appears after that at the bottom explaining the choice between Current, Range (start and finish), Selected (non-contiguous) and All records.

Next, you can choose whether to include the Memo (Notes) field in the review.

Next, if you are planning to create a text file then click to check the "Format for Text Output" as it will eliminate the Page Header and Left Margins that appear in the printout but usually aren't wanted in a text file.

When you are finished, click "OK" and the Review will appear showing the report as it will appear in print.  You use the scroll bar which will be at the right to navigate WITHIN the page, and the navigation buttons (see below) or PageUp/Page to move BETWEEN pages (it will show at the bottom how many pages you have in your report).

If you received an error message, go here for an easy solution.

At the top of the screen this menu bar will appear:

The first 3 buttons are Zoom options, try the middle one.

Then come 4 navigational buttons, just like on the main screen of Brooklyn.

The next 2 buttons, show a printer.  The first is the Print Setup button, the next is the Print button itself which will send the report to the printer you chose with the Print Setup button..

The next button, the one with the Diskette icon, is the one you will use if you want to output to a text file (*.TXT) or native report format (*.QRP) instead of a printer. You can save the report to a filename of your choice.

The folder button will open any report you previously saved in the "*.QRP " native report format.

Click the Close button to return to the Information screen.

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