Folk Scare Era Reissue Campaigns

Exciting musicians all, but good luck finding albums by them!

Beg, plead or badger record companies to reissue these recording!

Bonnie Dobson
This Canadian singer is best known for her anti-nuke song "Morning Dew".  She also has two tracks on a compilation.

Here are some more to add to the "reissue wishlist":
    Hedy West              (she has three early tracks on this compilation,  just Hedy & her banjo)
    Eric von Schmidt    (he has three tracks on this compilation album).  Also Tomato released previously unreleased 1971 Poppy Records Living on the Trail.  And here's another site.
    Mark Spoelstra
    Judy Mayhan
    Dick Rosmini
    Len and Judy
    Jackie Washington  (he has two tracks on this compilation album)
    Leon Bibb
    Gateway Singers
    Julie Felix
    Alice Stuart
    Maxine Sellers

Drop by our Virtual Coffeehouse discussion board to suggest any other albums you feel should be reissued.

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