"Four things that never meet do here unite
To shed my blood and to ravage my heart,
A radiant brow and tresses that beguile
And rosy cheeks and a glittering smile."
- The Arabian Nights, trans. Haddawy
Illustration Kaja Foglio. ©1993 Wizards of the Coast, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Bird Maidens!

I am on a quest. I have decided that, of all the Magic card artists I really like, Kaja Foglio is my number one favorite. Of all her work, the Bird Maiden is the single piece I like the most. Therefore, I'm trying to collect at least one thousand of them, in whatever printing or language they appear in. Having exhausted my local resources in two US states, I now turn to the rest of the Magic playing world for help.

I make the following offers:

If you send me 10 4th or 5th Edition Bird Maidens, I will send you one rare card of my choice. Yes, my choice. You're not getting a Grinning Totem or a Balduvian Horde no matter how much you beg.

If you have Arabian Nights Bird Maidens, I will buy them at one US Dollar per card.

If you have non-English Bird Maidens, I will also buy them at one US Dollar per card, or I will consider making some sort of trade for them in quantity.

My collection stands as follows:

  1. 1 German Vogelmädchen
  2. 3 Italian Fanciulla Alatas
  3. 12 French Dame-oiselles
  4. 5 Portuguese Donzela Aladas
  5. 33 AN Bird Maidens
  6. 356 4th Edition Bird Maidens
  7. 2 5th Edition Bird Maiden (Two, now!)
I know you have Bird Maidens to spare, don't let them sit and take up space in your boxes. Send them to me and I'll make it worth your while.

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