Hope you enjoy these picturs of my truck. There pretty big 'cause I scanned them a 400dpi@16mill colors. I will be adding more pitures of 4x4s as I get them, I'll have a trucks and jeeps section going in a month or so. Please come back agian to see the new trucks. The truck is a "custom" F250, has the stock 360 c.i. mill (soon to be replaced with a '66 410 c.i.) with the stock carb. It's got a Dana 44 in front with a Dana 60 brining up the rear.


And Then

A picture of my truck the day my Dad got it. 60K (this ones note too big)
The truck climing a hill loaded 82K (getting bigger)
The second hill clime JPG 80K
Number three in the hill clime section 99K (real big!!!)
The Trucked parked at my grand parents house> 33K (This one speaks for itself)
My Dad pulling a friend out of a hole 84K (bigger, but not too big)
The new powerplant in the Fords, the Triton about 9K
The new F150 about 12K
The FORD Expeditoin about 40K
FORD's new V10 34K

Now that school is out I will be updating this page on a more regular basis. It is still hard to find quiality stuff to post on this page, if you have any sugjestoin as to a good site for 4x4 info, images, etc., please let me know. Thanks, Patrick