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Info on Captain Janeway,of the U.S.S. Voyager 2k
Commander Chakotay first officer of the Voyager 1.5K
Lieutenant Tuvok Scurity Officer 1.2K
Lt. JG Tom Paris helmsman 1.2K
Lt. Torres Cheif Engeering Officer 1.2K
Ens. Kim, Science Officer 1.2K
Kes, nurse for the Doctor. She has no rank 1.2K
Neelix, the cook, he also has not rank 1.2K
The EMH, Voyager's doctor 1.2K
about 42K
about 18k
about 25k
about 25k
about 15k
about 41k
about 42k
about 64k
about 56k
about 56k
about 41k
about 3k
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