The owners

Vehicles: 1974 Ford Bronco and 1992 Jeep Wrangler

Steve Anderson -
Monty Anderson -

You might be wondering how a Jeep can be Built Ford Tough! After all, it's a Chrysler product! Well, with these two brothers Fords and 4x4's go hand in hand and it just doesn't apply to their trail rigs. From their offroad vehicles to each of their F250's, these brothers are Ford fanatics. Being from Montana they have both been involved in various forms of offroading since childhood. Their current vehicles take them to Pismo Beach, Rubicon, Sierra Trek, Moab and many other world class trails. Being brothers and living together sets up a friendly competition between the two. It also helps to have a nice shop to perform all of the repair and upgrade work on their vehicles. Monty and Steve are very much hands on with their 4x4's.

Steve's Bronco uses a Dana 44 front and extreme duty Ford 9" rear with disc brakes built by Currie Enterprises. Monty's axles of choice were the Dana 44 front and Ford 9" rear as well. These were also built by Currie Enterprises to his specifications. Both Ford 9"s feature 31 spline axles. Here's where they do differ ever so slightly. Monty uses Lincoln disc brakes while Steve is using the newer Ford Explorer disc brakes. The Bronco runs 4.11's while the YJ runs 4.56 gears. Both rigs run a Detroit in the back and an ARB for up front.
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With each rig having the same set of axles, spare parts are abundant. The wheel bolt and lug pattern is also the same between both rigs so Monty and Steve can easily swap tires and try new setups. Steve uses 35x12.50-15 Goodyear Wrangler MT's while Monty runs 33x12.50-15 Moab Edition BFG Mud Terrains.

About the only thing left that is a factory part on Monty's Wrangler is the body and transfer case (and that will soon be replaced too). Steve uses the venerable AOD and Monty runs an Art Carr TH-700R4 w/Art Carr Torque Converter & Lokar shifter. Power is transferred to the wheels through a Spicer Model 20 transfer case on the Bronco and an NP231 on the YJ. The NP231 has been further upgraded with an Advanced Adapters transfer case adapter and MIT tailshaft kit. The NP231's days are numbered, though, as the new Atlas transfer case from Advance Adpaters is on order. Keeping with the Ford theme, Monty installed a '93 Mustang GT 5.0L HO motor with dual Flowmaster mufflers and stock Mustang Cats & custom pipes. He now has a healthy dose of HP to challenge the older 302 in Steve's Bronco. To keep the competition going though, Steve will be swapping in a 351W soon.

Monty has further outfitted his Ford-YJ with Currie Shackles up front, a MORE 1" body lift, Canyon City tire rack and Off-Your-Rocker rocker panel skid plates. Looking under the Jeep you'll find driveshafts by Drive Line Service of San Jose with a CV Joint in back, front 3.5" Superlift Softride springs and rear Pro-Comp 4" springs. Additional goodies under the hood include a Link-Arc w/190 amp alternator, a Thomas 12v compressor, a 2 gallon air tank mounted under a Wrangler products dual battery tray filled with dual optimas controlled by a 200amp isolator kit.

Both rigs have full roll cages, custom seats and 5-point harnesses. Warn and SuperWinch help with the extraction duties while dual 12v electric Coleman coolers keep the drivers refreshed.

To get these rigs to the trail, Steve drives a 1994 Ford F250 4x4 w/460 while Monty pulls his Jeep with a 1995 Ford F250 4x4 w/Powerstroke. Both trucks have 4.11 gears. Steve and Monty are looking to buy trailers to put behind their trucks. With what you've read so far and the healthy competition between the two, you can only imagine what kind of trailers they will be getting!

Steve and Monty are both very involved in trying to keep our trails open. They have a great time working on their vehicles, using them and exploring the backcountry. From the specifications and pictures here, I'd have to say these trucks are definately Built Ford Tough! Be sure to check out the extensive specifications page using the links below.

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