This page is for those of us who want a little more relaxation online other than just looking at images. Here are just a few of the jokes that I have amassed, more will be coming soon, but for now, these should be enough.

Some of these jokes may be offensive to certain parties. I do not take responsibility for the authors comments. Reader discretion is advised.
If cars were like computers
Don't take your wife golfing
Funny Laws
IRS Issues, don't rip 'em off
Quality Bumper Sticker Ideas
Clinton trying to get a hooker (da hoe if you speak ebonics)
The Darwin Awards
Dumb Crooks Pulling Dumb crimes
More law humor
Pleasures of Spain
Could Prison Life Really be BetterThan Working Life?
Store your Rolls Rocye for $10
The Engineering Mentality
The Shopping Blonde
Where do characters go when you delete them?