Kathryn M. Janeway

Janeway's parents were both scientists, her father an astrophysicist, her mother a mathemetician. Her family lived among farmers, and Janeway's parents forced her to learn about gardening. She did not enjoy these. The family also went on frequent backpacking trips.

Janeway started in Starfleet as a science officer, served under Captain Paris (Tom Paris's father) on the Al-Batani, and became captain of the Voyager. She is one of the most repected captains in Starfleet, known for her intelligence, thoughtfulness, dedication, and diplomacy.

Janeway episodes:
"Time And Again" - Janeway is swept back in time to right before a planet's destruction.
"Resistance" - To rescue Tuvok and Torres, Janeway relies on an eccentric old man who believes she is his daughter.
"Deadlock" - Janeway comes face to face with herselp when a divergence field creates two identical Voyagers.
"Resolutions" - Janeway and Chakotay are confined to a planet after being infected with a deadly virus.