This page is under consturction and for the most part probally always will be :-).

I enjoy doing some of the following things; restoring old cars and trucks, snow skiing, and any motor sport, I also like playing with computers. I like Star Trek alot, If you look at the frame on your left there's another page for Star Trek, this page will be expanding as I find the time. My StarTrek page will just have multimedia such as sound and image files for now. There is a link to a page a person made that links just about every Star Trek page available, click on www Trek Sites.

I'm 15 years old and live in Des Moines Washington. My favorite teacher at St. Phil's and one of my best friends, Dale Beasley, created my former school's (St. Philomena) home page, click the respective button on your left to view the page. I currently attend O'Dea High School in Seattle, Washington. If you would like to see what ther're all about take a look a their page, click on the coresponding link on your left. I participate in sand sports in Oregon state, also known as riding quads(4 wheelers). We pack up and leave for Oregon on an average of 4 times a year, I will soon be adding a page for Oregon showing what we do and the towns we do it in, etc. (again it'll be awhile before I have time to finish the page). I ride a Yamaha Baster, my Dad, Mike, rides too, but on a Honda 250r (r stands for race, the honda 250s were built to race. An intresing fact for you, the longest jump ever made on a quad was made using a Yamaha Banshee with a Honda 250r engine in it). I have a brother and sister. My brother, Michael, at 8 also rides a quad (four wheeler). My sister's name is Megan, she's 11. She rides also, on a Suzuki 80. My family has a total of seven quads. My mom, Anita, comes down to Oregon but does not ride very much, she usally shops with some friends that come with us.

Patrick Murray

Both my dad and I ski. I have been skiing for five years and my dad has been skiing since he was in junor high ( he's 44 years old, but don't tell him I said that.) We usually ski at Snoqualime Summit, and on occasion at Mt. Baker.

As far as my computer hobby goes, I've messed every thing there is to mess up on a PC computer that's curenty running under win95. If you have a PC and are thinking of upgrading don't. At least not untill they come out with the next verson becasue there's alot of bugs yet and software compatibility is not what it's said to be (there's more bugs than you might think). I've worked around most of them though. Also I started programmimg about a year ago. I'm not the best, but it helps pass the time. I like my Win95 computer just fine, but I've worked with Mac's for two years now at school and I much prefer them for graphics and user friendlyness. I've made all these pages on a Mac, though I have been modifing them on my PC. While I'm talking about computers, and I know this is a little late, but this page is best veiwed using Netscape 4.0, 16 million colors, and a 14 in. monitor. To obtain a copy of Nescape 4.0, flollow the link below. The counters that are on my page come from web counters, click on the respective link on your left to view their page.

A friend of my dad's and mine loves to draw pen and pencil sketches. I've created a page of his work, Jim Jakeman's Art Page, and hope you will check it out, use the bottons one the left. Let me know how you like it.

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Please let me know if you see any spelling errors, my spelling isn't worth a dime. Thanks.

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