The Scout Images

A nice shot of the rear suspension about 51k
The left front at the what looks like about max suspension travel about 35K
The Scout desending a nerrow rut filled hill 48k
The Scout crossing what looks like a small creek 30k
The Scout asendinga rut filled hill about 42k
A Scout on the rocks 40k
The Scout crossing over some large rocks 28k
A Scout playing submerine about 35K
Some large boldersin the road about 50K
A Scout climing out of a rocky hole 67K
More rocks!!! about 31K
Guess what? Were not done with Scouts and rocks 32K

Now that school is out I will be updating this page on a more regular basis. It is still hard to find quiality stuff to post on this page, if you have any sugjestoin as to a good site for 4x4 info, images, etc., pleasle let me know. Thanks, Patrick