Lt. B'Elanna Torres

Torres was born on a Klingon colony and raised by her mother. She joined Starfleet Academy, put dropped out after her second year to join the Maquis. While in the Maquis, she served with Chakotay.

In 2370, a Maquis base was targeted by an intellegent Cardassian weapon known as "Dreadnought." Torres de-activated the bomb and sent it after a Cardassian installation instead. For her unauthorized action, she was reprimanded by Chakotay. However, the bomb veered off cource into the Badlands.

Torres episodes:
"Parallax" - Torres helps rescue Voyager from a singularity, and is promoted to Chief Engineer.
"Faces" - The Vidiians split Torres into her Klingon and Human halves.
"Prototype" - Torres activates a robot found in space, only to be abducted by it.
"Dreadnought" - Torres must deactivate a Cardassian-made errant missile.